The Neurotic’s Guide to Surviving Childhood: D.A.R.E. Edition

Alright guys, I heard from enough of you about the elementary school post that I feel pretty confident in saying I was not alone in my childhood anxiety/weirdness (there are dozens of us! DOZENS!). That got me thinking: for anxious kids, it's not just the classroom that holds difficulties. The world outside of school was... Continue Reading →

From the Recesses of a Small Town Library, Installment 2: Childhoods of Famous (Exclusively Female) Americans

It must've been my mother who introduced me to the biography section of the children's library, because I remember her reading me bios of Helen Keller and St. Patrick when I was 5 or 6 (I remember the Patrick biography especially because it contained an anecdote about a monk who tried to stay up praying... Continue Reading →

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