9 Things to Savor Spring


The spring checklist in no way rivals the fall list, but this is mainly because April is always (always) crazy busy. With the end of the academic year fast approaching, life becomes more about surviving than savoring. Here’s my attempt at doing some form of justice to spring amidst the crazy.

1. Sit in the sunshine and eat an ice cream cone.
Spring tradition since Samford days.

2. Fill the house with flowers at every opportunity.
Fact: flowers are necessary for the well-being of the soul (this soul, at least). I pilfered at least 6 bouquets of daffodils from the park near my apartment (thanks Lexington Parks and Rec), and y’all, HYACINTHS. Trader Joe’s has enabled my hyacinth addiction (I’m on my fifth pot maybe?) and I have no regrets.

3. Open windows. Turn on ABBA. Commence spring cleaning.

4. Keeneland.
Because it’s Kentucky, and it’s a fun reason to spend the day outside and re-create the scene from My Fair Lady. I don’t think I can make it happen this spring, but: next year.

5. Patio sitting.
With a glass of white wine and good conversation.

6. Spend an afternoon outside with the pup.
Everything else may be falling apart, but half an hour of watching my dog run around in the sunshine is guaranteed to make me feel at least 10% better.

7. Park day.
Blanket. Lemonade. Sandwiches. Books. Park.

I want this to happen. I need this to happen. This will probably not happen. Not soon, at least.

8. Get a shoulder massage.
I’m expecting to sprout an Igor-like hunchback any moment now from the tension.

9. Make strawberry cake.
This, at least, I can promise you. There WILL be cake.

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