Small Good Things iv

1. All the hours of sunshine I can snatch. It was warm enough this weekend to take a blanket to the Arboretum, so I read and napped and ate chocolate cookies and it is difficult to imagine a more perfect way to spend an afternoon.

2. THE PARP. I still go at least once a week to this park in my old neighborhood. In the evenings, people bring out their dogs, and even though they’re neighbors who’ve known each for years, they’ve gladly accepted Otto (and me) into the neighborly fold. I like sitting on the hill at dusk, listening to Joe and Nancy and Deb chat about their kids away at college and job changes and the Chilean sea bass at the new place downtown, while Otto dashes around madly like “Look Mom! I can do it! I can run across the PARP!”

3. Zombie Dogs. If “making up pretend games for elementary age boys” were a resume skill, I’d be in high demand, folks. This game is like musical chairs except when the music stops you transform from a cute puppy into a rabid, um, zombie dog, and attack the humans. Last week I found myself shrieking, “I just ate your brains!” at an 8 year old. High or low moment? You tell me.

4. Tamiflu. THANK YOU GOD. And modern medicine.

5. The Sacred Harp singing group here! I went to the March meeting and of course everybody was delightful and kind and welcoming. I wish the meetings were more frequent than once a month, but rest assured I’ll be at every. single. one., singing my heart out. If you haven’t heard shape note singing before, it’s loud and chaotic and honestly just plain weird. I love it. Especially Bridgewater.

6. Turquoise nail polish. Makes me inordinately happy every time I glance down at my hands.

7. Wonderful chats and wine drinking and signature fragrance shopping with Lauren, aka the roommate that fell from heaven. This is actually a very large good thing, indeed. Who else would spend ten minutes with me watching the snail in the aquarium and marveling at its tentacles? Or affirm my fashion choices when I’m not sure if those burgundy pants fit right?

8. Sunday mornings that look like this. That’s tea AND coffee because why choose. IMG_5381

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