February Update

It has been a while, no?

Let’s talk frivolous news.

1. It looks as if this summer will hold some VERY EXCITING travel plans. I don’t know yet how I’m going to buy groceries, but I do know I’ll be in California for a week, and that’s enough for right now. More soon.

2. In the last month, I’ve taken 4 naps. That average is down from a gazillion naps on average in previous months (“previous” being the last few years, “gazillion” being a slight exaggeration). No amount of vitamins or doctor visits ever made any difference in my inability to stay awake between the hours of 2-4 pm most days, and I hated it.

But lo, change is afoot. Maybe it’s the unseasonably warm winter. Maybe sometimes personal awakenings manifest physically. Maybe there really is cocaine in Trader Joe’s salted dark chocolate-covered almonds (I’ve been trying to tell y’all). It’s not so much that I feel less tired (I mean, grad school), but more awake–and it’s wonderful.

3. “If one way could satisfy
the infinite heart of the heavens?”

4. If we’re connected on Instagram, you might have noticed that my February feed features a sharp increase in photos of delicious baked goods. Indeed, one could argue that the unofficial theme of February’s IG is “PASTRIES I HAVE KNOWN.” I credit this to the discovery of some fabulous local bakeries, and there are no plans to discontinue this series anytime soon. Stay tuned for more scones and croissants.

5. It’s nearly midnight. I’m eating a bowl of cereal. That seems relevant.

6. Daffodil Watch 2017 has commenced early in Kentucky (thanks El Nino + global warming) and don’t you worry, I am ON it. My sense of direction, which some have affectionately labeled “nonexistent,” makes a direct exception for mapping starry daffodil clusters. A print of this old British railways travel advertisement hangs in my room, and that grassy knoll covered in gobs and gobs of flowers is the El Dorado of my quest. One day I will make it to York in daffodil time, but until then I’ve got the next best thing: spring in the South. And if you know of any Wordsworthian daffodil seas this side of the Atlantic, divulge your secrets. While you can.

York in Daffodil Time, Yorkshire. Vintage British Railway Travel
This poster = all I want in life. Plus pastries.

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