Introducing Never Asked Questions, a series where I address all the questions I have never received, e.g. the loud, angry, critical voices in my head whenever I post something here.

1. Why is your blog called and not wasn’t taken. This may surprise you, but there are far, far fewer Anna Bedsoles than Anna Stones (and far, far worse attempts to spell their names).

And honestly, I kinda regret changing my surname. Not that “Stone” doesn’t sound way better, it’s just, you know, “Anna Bedsole” feels like me. “Anna Stone” often feels like someone I’m pretending to be (usually a British novelist with a cream-colored Austin Healy). So maybe I’ll go back to Bedsole. But that would confuse my advisor, who always calls me “Anna Stone,” in a way that reminds me of Ygritte scolding, “Ya know nothin’, Jon Snow.”

So, be true to myself or risk endless confusion the rest of grad school? Decisions.

2. Sometimes I catch typos and formatting mistakes in your posts. Aren’t you studying English? Shouldn’t you be better than this, you sloppy imposter?

Probably, yes.

3. You wrote a post and you didn’t mention names but I think you’re talking about me.

If I am talking about you, I will be including your name and it will be positive. Apart from my weird neighbors post, I really try to not say anything negative about individuals because honestly I do enough of that in my real life and I’m trying to change.

4. When you use all caps, I feel like you’re yelling at me and it’s obnoxious. Why do you do that? 

Because I was once a musical theatre major.

5. Why do you think anyone wants to read about what you ate for breakfast? Are you trying to be a real blogger or something? You’re vacuous and annoying and have nothing to contribute to the world.

No, I am not trying to be a “real” blogger, aka someone who takes good photos and makes money, or a Rachel Held Evans or anything like that. I’m blogging because writing is cheap therapy and I write more often when I know a few folks are reading. And because I read Big Magic and Elizabeth Gilbert gave me permission to be creative even if what I make sucks. SO THERE.

6. You talk about hobos a lot. What’s up with that?

Hobos are cool. Like bow ties. And Minnesota.

Tune in next time for more imaginary questions from non-existent readers!

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