Small Good Things

1. I went for a run in the rain yesterday, or should I say drizzle. I’m not a running-in-the-rain type girl. But the fates conspired and formed the perfect combination of cool, veil-light rain, and I was feeling angsty enough to just go with it. For ten minutes it was magical–the rain brought out the smell of pine needles in the cool air and I felt fully alive to all the beauty and wonder that is our world.

Then it stopped and I ran into a swarm of gnats and they stuck to my wet face. Decidedly un-magical, unless you consider plagues charming.

2. I babysit the sweetest, smartest, most lovable kids in the world. As in, I consider hanging out with them to be really great plans for a Friday night. We were curled up watching a movie on the couch, and as it got closer to bedtime they snuggled closer to me, and sitting there with my arms around them, J asleep in my lap and V’s head leaning on my shoulder, I felt pierced to the core with gratitude and love.

3. Today has been good. I was happy in a way I don’t understand. Yesterday was kinda rough, and today felt like a buoyant reprieve for no reason. I’m learning that you don’t question happiness; you just welcome it for as long as it feels like staying.

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