A Few More Things

Walking back from Kroger to my apartment, carrying a bag of peanut butter, coffee, and frozen meals, with a bottle of wine in one hand and an iced latte in the other.

That’s how you know it’s exam time.


Rejected campaign slogans for my successful bid for Graduate Student Committee representative:

“Anna Stone: I Will Frank Underwood the Shit Out of This Position”

Maybe it’s the English major me in me, but I think that humanities scholars need a living wage, too.”

“My milkshake brings all the engineers to the yard, and in today’s funding environment apparently that’s who matters.”

I attribute the success of my campaign to the generosity of my colleagues and my decision to not use campaign slogans.


Dreaming of trips. Dreaming of this. Time to make plans.

A photo by Asaf R. unsplash.com/photos/cW6n-XCLo-Q
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