14 Ways to Study for Quals


Sad messy study desk

To celebrate that in 14 days, this purgatory will be over, somehow, some way.

  1. Wake up at ungodly morning hours. Write feverish notes to self (“MYTHIC CARAVANS.” Wut?).
  2. Hover constantly on the verge of dry-heaves.
  3. Imagine every possible way to fail. Then think of some more.
  4. Finish all seasons of New Girl.
  5. Pick up in season 5 of Gilmore Girls.
  6. Vow not to watch Lena Dunham’s Girls.
  7. Run. Run a lot. RUN SO MUCH.
  8. Be encouraged, supported, and coached by so many wonderful people (special shout outs to Kim, Margaret, Valerie, Gokce, Kristina, Megan,  Jonathan, Jim, and Grace).
  9. Write madly for 10 minutes. Stare blankly out window for 10 minutes. Rinse and repeat.
  10. Listen to more Franz Ferdinand than I care to share here.
  11. Fantasize about mythical land known as “post-exam.”
  12. Know that if all else fails, I can bring it back to T.S. Eliot.
  13. Listen to mindfulness meditations. Form co-dependent relationship with Andy Puddicombe’s voice.
  14. Revive frivolous blog.

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