Random 5 Friday

I’m linking up with Tina for this Random 5 Friday post. Feel free to share you own random 5!

1. For our 18 month anniversary on Monday night, we went to see Frozen and liked it so much. The music is lovely, and the characters and plot are entertaining without silly humor. I was really annoyed by the snowman, Olaf, in the previews, but he ended up being adorable, with a great classic Broadway-type number of his own. I’ve been listening to the soundtrack pretty much nonstop since Tuesday. LET IT GOOOOOOOOOO . . . .

2. We went ice skating OUTDOORS (in Alabama!) last night. Yes, Northerners and Mid-Westerners would laugh at the tiny rink, but it’s crazy popular here. Also, if you can make it around the rink without falling, you’re basically an experienced skater by Alabama standards, so it’s a confidence booster. We had a great time skating with friends and enjoyed hot chocolate and good company afterwards.

3. At 10:15 last night, for some reason, I give myself bangs. Note: I can’t cut hair. I can barely braid, and if the “loose and messy curls” (e.g. the only hairstyle I can manage) look ever goes out of fashion, I’m out of luck. I am helpless with hair. Anyway.

So I found this hair stylist that I adore. The last time she cut my hair though, I afterwards decided that I wanted my “side swept bangs” shorter. So last night after showering and ice skating and close to delirium with exhaustion, I decided it was the perfect time to “trim” the layers around my face.  Then I went to sleep with my hair still wet. When I woke up this morning, I looked in the mirror and thought, “Wow, not horrible.” Now I kind of love them. Maybe that’s just because I’m glad it wasn’t a massacre.

4. We have big plans for tonight. Plans we’re really excited about. We’re going to – wait for it – stay home. We’ve had 3 social events this week and have thoroughly enjoyed them all, but now we’re tired. I’m pretty sure my 19 year old self would be really disappointed in me. I’m also pretty sure she drank too much coffee and tried to be in a million places at once. We’re past that, sweetie. Sleep is good.

5. It’s Friday. One sweet student brought me a Christmas cake today. A sour cream chocolate chip chocolate cake. Guess what’s for breakfast tomorrow?

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