Lately, tiredness

Getting out of bed has been harder than usual. My usual routine feels so heavy, down to choosing what to wear and making coffee. Teaching is hard work, and I’m not complaining about that, but the past days every activity and lesson has felt like an act of sheer willpower and my  brain fog isn’t helping. Sleep has been fitful instead of restorative. I put on my shorts and tennis shoes yesterday to go for a walk, and lay down on the couch while I charged my phone for a few minutes. “I’ll just rest my body,” I though. “The lights are on, I won’t be able to go to sleep.”

An hour later, I woke up. I know better than to try that again. Derp.


So it’s time to start popping the iron pills and vitamins with vigilance, to stay hydrated and wait for this oppressive weariness to lighten – which it will, and probably sooner than I think.


In other news, I’m so glad it’s October. I made a fall bucket list, just a list of simple things like baking pumpkin bread and lighting candles to ensure that I savor my favorite season.

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