My Week in a Blur

1. It is Friday and I take the GRE subject test in English Literature tomorrow – let’s do this thing!

2. Writing statements of purpose for grad school is the most soul-killing, mind-numbing task there is. If I exaggerate, it is only slightly. Thankfully, I have awesome professors critiquing my drafts so it’s turning into something decent.

3. Every day, I want to research my favorite school of the moment, and every day, I make myself stay in the present. Because this is a precious time. My brother and baby cousin are just up the stairs. I know I’ll miss that one day.

4. I have an awesome group of tenth graders. I have too much to do. My administrator admits this and says I’m doing a wonderful job. Some days I can accept I can’t do this job perfectly because it’s simply too much. Other days I am discouraged by it. But what makes it worth it is when students see me at lunch and brighten and say, “I wish we could have English again today! It’s my favorite class.” And I just GLOW.

5. I’m growing a pie pumpkin, and it has gorgeous orange blossoms that will hopefully start budding into little gourds soon. I’ve become obsessed with my plants like a young mother with her kid.

6. Acting is SO MUCH FUN. I love the script, I love the people, I love the role. And no, I don’t mind that it takes 2 hours to film 5 minutes of footage.

7. I have been sort of bluesy lately (not in a B.B. King kind of way). There could be lots of reasons. There could be none. I find myself close to tears at times, or much too discouraged when my AP seniors who should know better are inattentive. I’m treating it with 48 ounces of water a day and the knowledge that I won’t always feel this way.

8. I painstakingly, begrudgingly, grumpily fixed my knitting project (after lots of Michael’s urging) and am so glad I did. This following through stuff feels good.

9. I told the therapist today that I think I could go to sleep anytime, anywhere, as long as there’s a couch handy. And that is what I will take myself off to do now.

Happy Friday!

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